PE Nano Bubble Tube Diffuser

PE Nano Bubble Tube Diffuser
Product Details

Holly Technology is one of the leading pe nano bubble tube diffuser manufacturers and suppliers in China. Used for sewage treatment and aquaculture, this best selling equipment made in China is sold at factory price. Welcome to wholesale quality products for sludge treatment with us.

Product Description

PE nano tube bubble diffuser(PE material) is of great efficiency,with its aeration pore diameter ranging from 0.3 micrometre to 100 micrometre.

It has equality structure,high porosity,low aeration resistance,big air-liquid contact area,spread evenly for bubble,without perforation blocked,lower gas consumption than conventional diffusers.


♦ Low energy consumption. 
♦ PE material, long service life.
♦ Wide range of application.
♦ Long-term working stability.
♦ No need of drainage device.
♦ No need of air filtration.

Typical Applications

External Diameters : 75 mm

Inner Diameters : 50 mm

Length : 0.5-1m

External Diameters : 100 mm

Inner Diameters : 89 mm
Length : 3/5/10m

Technical parameters
External Diameters(mm)
Φ 75,100
Inner Diameters(mm)
Φ 50-89(caters to custom's requirement)
Effective Surface Area (m2/piece)
0.3 - 0.8
Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency(%)
Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (kg.O2 /h)
Standard Aeration Efficiency(kg O2/kwh)
Length (m)
Φ 75       0.5-1
Φ 100      3/5/10
Resistance Loss
Service Life
1-2 Year