Multi-disc Screw Sludge Dewatering Machine

Multi-disc Screw Sludge Dewatering Machine
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                                       Holly Technology is one of the leading multi-disc screw sludge dewatering machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Used for sewage treatment and aquaculture, this best selling equipment made in China is sold at factory price. Welcome to wholesale quality products for sludge treatment with us.

Product Description

Automatic sludge dewaterig screw press machine 

The automatic sludge dewaterig screw press machine developed by HOLLY utilizes the dewatering principles of force-water homo-direction, thin-layer dewatering, proper pressure and extension of the sludge dewatering path. The new equipment, more advanced than the traditional dewatering equipment which are easily blocked, unsuitable for low-concentrated sludge and oily sludge, of high consumption and difficult to operate, well eliminate these problems and are of higher efficiency and power saving.


Technical Parameters of automatic sludge dewaterig screw press machine

Main Features

♦ Exclusive pre-thickening device enables a wide solid concentration ranging from 3000mg/l to 50000mg/l
♦ Fixed and moving plates replace filter cloth, self-cleaning, clog-free, easy to handle oily sludge
♦ Low running speed, low noise, low power consumption, 1 /8 of Belt Press and 1 /20 of centrifuge
♦ Less capital construction cost, more excellent working performance
♦ Fully automatic control, Easy operation and simple maintenance


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Multi-disc screw sludge dewatering machine