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The Choice Of Filter Media

Dec 09, 2016

When you select a filter media, taking into account the content of solid particles in suspension, particle size distribution, the filter media to clarify the degree of influence of landfill leachate and the filtration rate. Also involved in filtration equipment selection, corrosion of the filtrate and filter operation temperature, pressure and other factors.

Filter media to the solid particle capture ability

This relates to the separation order of the filter. So-called trap ability is able to retain the minimum particle size. Trapping ability depends on the pore size and distribution of the medium itself. The following tables for all types of filtration media able to trap the smallest particles.


Permeability of the filter medium and reflects its resistance to the filtrate flow, it affects the intensity of production and filter filter driver---pressure difference. Media related to the permeability and porosity of the media itself.

Discharge residue and cleaning performance

After removing the residue refers to the end of the filter can use the cake in its policy or blowing compressed air, mechanical measures such as scraping the surface of filter cake from the media's ability to cleanse, which is like a drum, tilting pan, belt type vacuum filter continuously filters is a prerequisite for maintaining normal operations. There is always a small amount of residue particles in filtration processes in the blocked pore, must unload slag process for each operating cycle after the wash, purge the particles from the surface, pore cleansing, to maintain media filtration efficiency and performance. Performance depends primarily on the composition of filter media materials and recycled textiles, processing methods (manufacturing process).

Chemical stability

Because of the variety of materials of which the filtration process, their chemical properties are different. Acidic, alkaline and strong oxidizing, organic solvents, and at a certain temperature to filter. This requires the selection of filter media item in the structure of the material can be processed with good chemical stability, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, resistance to microorganisms. Generally speaking, has good acid resistance of polypropylene fibers. Alkali resistance and anti oxidant effect, polyethylene fibers at room temperature on acid, aqueous alkali stability, polyester has good acid resistance.

The physical and mechanical properties

Physics of materials, mechanical properties, including moisture, wear resistance, mechanical strength, extension rate, can influence the media filter performance and service life. Structure of different types of filter media physical and mechanical performance requirements are also different, such as plate-and-frame filter compared with leaf filter, drum filter, demanding higher mechanical strength of the filter cloth. Belt filter cloth strength higher than overturning disc filter, and require a certain elongation under load as low as possible.