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The Application And Tendency Of The Sewage Treatment Industry

Jan 10, 2017

First, the application of small-scale sewage treatment equipment:

Small-scale sewage treatment equipment, that is, the original separation of a variety of cells in a single collection of a design concept. The traditional wastewater treatment process in the reaction, sedimentation and sludge backflow of each unit, are concentrated in a reactor, this design can greatly reduce the sewage treatment equipment footprint. According to the treatment of water quality, water requirements to select the appropriate unit design, not only can improve the impact resistance of the reactor, but also to achieve dephosphorization, nitrogen and water reuse.

Small sewage treatment equipment, generally refers to the handling capacity of 500 cubic meters / day, set sewage treatment process parts of the function, generally including pretreatment, biological treatment, precipitation, disinfection is equal to one of the sewage treatment plant. The process includes the whole process of anaerobic, biological phosphorus removal process, biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal process, oxidation ditch process, sequencing batch activated sludge process (an intermittent aeration mode to run the activated sludge wastewater Processing technology) and so on.

Second, the sewage treatment equipment industry trends:

In recent years, China's sewage treatment industry by leaps and bounds, the overall development in a rapid growth period, mainly in the rapid expansion of sewage treatment capacity, sewage treatment rate steadily increased, the rapid growth of sewage treatment and so on. In recent years, urban sewage treatment plant daily processing capacity of 102.62 million cubic meters, urban sewage treatment rate reached 76.9%. A total of 3077 urban sewage treatment plants have been built in the whole country, with a total capacity of 136 million cubic meters per day.

Urban sewage and garbage treatment facilities to promote the development of environmental protection industry, by 2020 the city sewage treatment rate will not be less than 90%, China's sewage treatment business market space is broad. In addition, the state encourages the use of recycled water policy, will also provide advanced sewage treatment business a broad market space. China's sewage treatment construction of the grim situation, the county and the town of sewage treatment rate of the status quo, for the sewage treatment market construction, operation and investment have brought huge investment space.

Third, small-scale sewage treatment equipment Main features:

1. Compact structure, small footprint, can be buried underground, plant the upper part of the plant flowers or building small buildings

2. No impact on the surrounding environment, sludge output is small, low noise

3. New process, the effect is good, long service life

4. Each unit is complete, the operation efficiency is high

5. The use of gravity flow, saving energy

6. Easy to operate, easy maintenance, automatic control, no professional management

7. Equipment can be manufactured according to standard, but also according to the needs of users of special design and layout

8. The equipment to efficient biochemical treatment as the core, set biochemical processing, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection and other unit processing as a whole, dealing with water quality and good stability

Fourth, small sewage treatment equipment Scope:

1, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals

2, residential quarters, villages, market towns

3, stations, airports, seaport terminals, ships

4, factories, mines, troops, tourist spots, scenic spots

5, and domestic sewage similar to a variety of industrial organic wastewater