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Sludge Dewatering Performance

Dec 10, 2016

Moisture content of dewatered sludge, dehydration rate and dewatered solid content;

Sensory evaluation: dehydrated sludge solidification characteristics (solid or shaping, strength of filter cake) and adhesion (adhesive dehydration equipment) dispersion (filter cake breaking percentage can connect)

Sludge characteristics: particle size and distribution, concentration, organic matter content, zoogloea composition, morphology and distribution of water in sludge, sludge in the colloidal substances;

Drying conditions: temperature, pH value, viscosity, specific resistance, ΞΆ,;

Pretreatment: gravity settling, acid and alkali treatment, ultrasonic treatment, microwave treatment and magnetic treatment, chemical treatment, biological treatment of surfactant;

Dehydration: settlement (including gravity, centrifugal), adsorption, filtration, extrusion (for liquid and tiny particles), and the combination of two or more operating units.

Dehydration equipment: centrifugal machines, van-type pressure filter, belt filter presses, screw or drum or roller-extrusion machine, roller or belt separation machine.