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Simple Overview Of The Spiral Conveyor

Dec 10, 2016

Screw conveyors conveying form divided into spiral conveyor and shaftless spiral conveyor two appearance into u-shape screw conveyors tubular screw conveyors. Screw conveyor shaft applies to dry cohesionless material and small granular items. (such as fly ash, lime, cement, grain, etc) and shaftless screw conveyor is suitable for transporting by sticky and easy winding material. (For example: sludge, biomass, waste) the working principle of screw conveyor is rotating helical blades over items spiral conveyor, the material does not screw conveyor with rotating blades force material weight and friction of the screw conveyor for material of the housing. Screw conveyor shaft welding spiral blade, blade surface according to the different materials solid surface, pattern, leaf surface type. Screw conveyor screw shaft material movement in the direction of end thrust bearing with axial force of the material to the spiral, Captain long, intermediate hanger bearings should be added.