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Seven Characteristics Of Membrane Tube Diffuser

Jan 10, 2017

Precision drilling facilitates efficient oxygen transmission and utilization: Different diffuser modes can be used to adjust working pressure, such as different slit length, distance, and drilling density, for the specification of the aeration system. Drilling diameters between 184 and 295 mm are standard and special diaphragms for a wide range of applications.

Main Feature:

1, Oxygen utilization: each diffuser has about 5 million 1 ~ 3mm pores, aeration aeration radial diameter along the radial expansion, resulting in a large number of uniform size, fine uniform bubbles, greatly increasing the gas Liquid contact area, oxygen utilization rate of up to 40%.

2, Oxygen-efficient power efficiency: a small thickness of film, high elasticity, pressure loss; Shallow water aeration effect (submerged depth of 0.2m).

3,Low investment, low energy consumption, low operating cost, high cost performance: the product ventilation, oxygen utilization and oxygen-powered power efficiency, compared with the mechanical aeration equipment. Saving more than 40% of investment, reducing energy consumption and operating costs more than 50%; with the disk variable porous aeration, saving investment of up to 30% or more, reduce energy consumption and operating costs more than 20% Greatly reduce the project investment, effectively saving operating costs and improve cost performance.

4, Novel and unique structure, smooth and reliable operation: aerator support tube for the hollow structure, the hollow part of the water-filled area, the root of the aeration pipe in the water buoyancy is very small, good overall, smooth and reliable operation. Membrane sleeve on the pores in time to stop when the aeration, effectively prevent sludge clogging and sewage intrusion. Aeration pipe section for the circular, stop aeration, the sludge is not easy to accumulate on the tube.

5, Aeration continuously adjustable: the gas supply can be continuously adjusted, when the gas flow changes, the deep-water autoclave aeration effect (submerged depth of 5m) can still retractable microporous release of uniform distribution, the same size Of the bubbles, adjustable performance.

6, The use of well, long life: support pipe aerator using environmentally friendly polypropylene injection molding, beautiful and strong; film sets of special formula of synthetic rubber, with anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-UV and Good elasticity and tensile strength. Membrane sleeve molding, compact structure, reducing the oil and plastic material content, greatly extend the life of small sets of film.

7, Easy installation and maintenance: the entire aeration system only at the end of the aeration tank design by laying the main gas distribution pipeline, and then in each cloth gas pipeline installed by the design spacing can be aeration: each aerator only A T-bolt can be firmly installed by a simple hand, and easy to disassemble; stainless steel tube hoop fixed membrane sleeve replacement is simple.