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Granulation Of Sludge Dewatering Dewatering Method

Dec 10, 2016

Water granulation and dewatering machine is the development of a new device. Its subject is the horizontal steel tube-like object is divided into granulation and dehydration and compaction, turning around a horizontal axis. And polymer coagulant of sludge, first enter the pelletizing, in sewage sludge under the influence of its own gravity, flocculation and compressed, layered rolling mud ball, then mud ball and water entering the dehydration, water discharge from the oblique cracks in the circular discharge. Into the compaction, mud ball further compression dewatering under gravity, forming large dense mud ball, launch tube. Granulation structure is simple, easy to wear, less power consumption, easy maintenance. Moisture content of mud ball generally about 70%.

In sewage treatment plant sludge dewatering process resulting in landfill leachate, landfill leachate contaminants less of a stale bed, contain high concentrations of other pollutants. The filtrate must be processed, usually together with the incoming waste water treatment.