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Dosing System For Commonly Used Forms

Dec 10, 2016

1, chemical water, condensate in ammonia system

Added ammonia system can achieved automatic control; ammonia liquid of preparation except manual preparation outside also can for control, dang solution box liquid bit below set value Shi, automatically opened solution box water valve to high liquid bit Shi automatically close, added ammonia volume of control except manual control outside also can for control, by PLC program system for PID operation Hou by frequency device control added ammonia measurement pump of added ammonia volume reached automatic added drug of purpose.

2, boiler water and phosphorus salt distribution system

Preparation of phosphate solution, tri-sodium phosphate solution box dosing directly into the Department, starting the mixer dissolved, adding phosphate control apart from the manual control, but also for automatic control, by PLC programmable control system PID calculation by Inverter control-p the purpose of measuring the capacity of automatic dosing pump.