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Application Of Stacked Sludge Dewatering Machine In Wastewater Treatment Of Livestock And Poultry Breeding

Jan 10, 2017

1. Livestock and poultry breeding wastewater harm to the environment With the development of society, livestock technology is more and more large-scale and specialized. Compared with the traditional farmer scattered farming, large-scale farming can greatly improve production efficiency and feed conversion rate, reduce production costs and increase economic efficiency, but large-scale livestock and poultry breeding also contributed to the excessive concentration of fecal and flushing water increased significantly, The ecological environment has brought great pressure. Livestock and poultry breeding wastewater environmental hazards are mainly reflected in the following aspects: a. On the water pollution: aquaculture wastewater is rich in a large number of pathogens of high concentrations of organic wastewater, direct discharge into the water or storage location unsuitable by the rain washing Into the water, will likely cause serious deterioration of surface water or groundwater quality. B. Impact on farmland and crops: Livestock and poultry breeding industry wastewater contains more nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients, such as can make rational use can effectively improve soil fertility, improve soil physical and chemical properties, and promote crop growth . However, direct, continuous, and excessive application without any treatment can adversely affect soil and crop growth. C. Mineral elements and heavy metal pollution: on the one hand, in the livestock and poultry feed in large quantities of about 75% of inorganic phosphorus added to phytate phosphorus, phytate phosphorus can not be animal absorption and utilization directly from the body, causing pollution. On the other hand, the feed factories and farms are generally used high copper, high iron, high zinc and other trace element additives, because these metal elements absorption rate and utilization are very low with feces excreted into the environment, has become China's A major environmental pollution. At present, many areas of livestock and poultry breeding pollution has been or is becoming the main source of environmental pollution, including livestock and poultry production of biogas residue wastewater is particularly prominent. 2. Stacked-type sludge dewatering machine in livestock and poultry breeding wastewater treatment of livestock and poultry production of biogas residue, the first step is to conduct solid-liquid separation of sludge. In view of the characteristics of livestock and poultry breeding wastewater and biogas sludge, Jiangsu Binuo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has optimized the design of the screw-type sludge dewatering machine, and through the use of matching flocculant, It is suitable for the solid-liquid separation of livestock and poultry. In a number of livestock and poultry aquaculture wastewater sludge dewatering case of the application shows that stacked spiral sludge dewatering machine separation is ideal, and get the unanimous approval of the user, well received.