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Wide application of screw conveyor

Dec 10, 2016

Screw conveyors are widely used in chemical industry, building material, metallurgy, food 3 w dot sdblsy dot com food and other departments, at angle β < under 20 °, conveyor viscidity, easy metamorphic, difficult to caking of powdery, granular and small block materials. Application of screw conveyor screw machine is widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal mines, coal, food and other industries, applicable to horizontal or inclined conveying powdery, granular and small block materials, such as coal, ash, slag, cement, grain and other, temperature less than 200 ℃. Screw machine is not suitable for transporting perishable, sticky, easy caking material. In the concrete mixing station, screw conveyors have been the embodiment of the largest.