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Screw conveyor principle

Dec 10, 2016

When the screw shaft rotation, due to material gravity and friction produced by the tank walls, make the material only in the slot blade is pushed along the conveyor moves forward at the end of, their condition cannot be rotated along the Translational motion of the rotating screw nut. Material bearing in the middle of migration, it is relying on material thrust forward behind. So, the material in the conveyor transport is entirely a sliding motion. In order to make the spiral axial tensile State is more favourable, generally driving device and a discharge port arranged at the same end of conveyor, and as far as possible on the other side of the inlet near the tail. Rotating spiral blade material over transportation, materials do not screw conveyor with rotating blades force material weight and friction of the screw conveyor for material of the housing. Blade surface according to the different materials solid surface, pattern, leaf surface type. Screw conveyor screw shaft material movement in the direction of end thrust bearing with axial force of the material to the spiral, Captain long, intermediate hanger bearings should be added.