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Screw conveyor operation

Dec 10, 2016

1. Stationary screw conveyor belts should be installed on a solid foundation; portable belt conveyors in operation before, the wheel should be symmetrical wedge. Multiprocessor parallel operations, should stay out of the 1M channel between the two. Screw conveyor around should not preclude their deposits.

2. Before starting, good belt tension should be adjusted, belt buckle should be solid, transmission components such as bearings, gears, chain should be good, roll and protective devices should be complete, neutral or grounding electrical protection should be good, conveyor belts and roller width should be consistent.

3. Startup should be no-load running, wait for after work, before they can even charge. Not charging after the first start.

4. When several conveyor line feed from the discharge starts in order, starting at one end, after all the work, before loading.

5. When feeding, conveyor belts should be aligned and better to lower the height, reducing the impact of material on conveyor belts, rollers. Feeding should be uniform.

6. Operations, shall at all times observe the mechanical functioning, when conveying with relaxation or phenomenon, should be adjusted down.

7. Jobs, prohibited any man from under the conveyor belt through or across from above. Conveyor belt from slipping, no pulling by hand. Carry out cleaning or maintenance operations operation is strictly prohibited.

8. When the screw conveyor for bulk materials, conveyor belt should be charging panels or fences, guards on both sides.

9. Adjusting the screw conveyor discharge height, should be carried out when parking. After adjusting, tighten the connecting nut and insert the safety pin.

10. When downtime is needed in transportation, you should stop charging until after unloading of materials on the conveyor belt, before stopping. Several conveyor-line job down, end in order, starting from on down.

11. Suddenly stopping when power is interrupted or other reasons, should immediately cut off the power supply, the item on the conveyor belt removed, call or when the fault, then switch to start operation.