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Screw conveyor industry norms play a role

Dec 10, 2016

Shaftless screw conveyor is rising in recent years a new type of transport machinery, without a central axle design, unique structures. Consists of motor, reducer, mechanical seals, flexible shaftless spiral, composed of u-shaped grooves and protect bushings.

Shaftless screw conveyor is run by motor drives the cycloidal reducer, with mechanical seal shaft and shaftless connected disc drives and rotate the screw on. Screw supported at one end only, the structure is simple. Sludge like nuts, while the shaftless drive screw, continuous rotation to move sludge from one end to the other end.

The u-shaped Groove of shaftless screw conveyor, covers and other parts are made of 16Mn steel, u-slot protection sleeve material for nylon 66, together with screw low speed and small abrasion and long service life. Due to the u-shaped Groove upper cover, conveying is basically sealed, can effectively reduce indoor odors.

And compared to the outer diameter of the shaft screw conveyor, shaftless weight is only the 1/2, running low power consumption. Since there is no central axis, apart from conveying viscosity of sludge in, also suitable for transporting material, wire and other materials without winding, block, and so on.

In application of shaftless screw conveyors Note:

(1) on the mechanical seal Assembly lid type oil Cup regularly relubricated, valve oil to ensure sufficient oil in the oil Cup, so as to avoid oil shortages caused by dry friction.

(2) the shaftless screw conveyors to be deactivated for a long time, the pallidum and the u-shaped Groove in the sludge with water rinse, prevent dry jam channel, to avoid further overload when starting.

Shaftless spiral conveyor installation used since the sludge conveyor without dispersion or leaks, looks brand new, and running noise, operating environment improved, spirochetes and u-shaped grooves to protect Bush also found no obvious signs of wear, no maintenance.