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Operation of the screw conveyor speed

Dec 10, 2016

New products of new sludge screw conveyor, so you better access to many different types of screw conveyor, model different uses are not the same, just two days before some customers ask us about sludge treatment of screw conveyors, we will explain to you here, so that more people can have a general understanding. Best conveying sludge conveyor with axle-free spiral conveyors, shaftless screw conveyors conveying adhesion are the characteristics of strong, pasty viscous material. High water content such as sewage sludge, waste and so on.

Sewage treatment plants (integrated wastewater treatment equipment) are municipal wastewater treatment, sludge from water treatment production process, an important industrial and agricultural sewage treatment engineering equipment. It has sludge dewatering and sludge thickening and dewatering integration features. General international with fully enclosed continuous operation with big ratio of length to diameter of horizontal spiral centrifuge discharge (horizontal screw centrifugal machine for short) as host of the sludge dewatering, it has the advantage of other types of sludge dewatering equipment does not have:

Water to prevent freezing, to carry out service and maintenance of all parts, filters should pay special attention to.

1, check the belt wash water system for sewage sludge treatment equipment.

2, check the outer solid pieces, all contact parts lubricated.

3, check the air compressor is clean and in order to air flow.

4, check bearing lubricant, three filters prevent before turning on the ice break bad filter.

5, check emergency closures increase safety factor, and good lubrication and maintenance records.

Design of screw conveyor should be considered first when the characteristics of the delivery item, there is no abrasion, friction, moisture content, pH, and so forth, according to different material and design a suitable model. Then focusing on different materials determine the screw conveyor speed, particle size effect of slip, impact and abrasion. Go higher, greater slippage of materials.