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Knowledge description of the screw conveyor accessories

Dec 10, 2016

Screw conveyor for solving conveyor drying cement, ore, coal, fertilizers, easy to fly and in serious effect on environment of powdered materials with absolute advantage, and spiral feeder when conveying material can also be completed mixing, stirring and cooling operations, can be used in all kinds of material unloading and bulk grain conveying as well as warehouse shipment.

A face-spiral blades

Face-suitable for loose materials, fixtures all blades, not arbitrarily adjust.

B long Ribbon spiral blades

This type of screw is composed of two or more different tape Helix blade diameter, and strip each other left and right spiral spiral blade, a leaf set within another, through rigid mounting brackets are connected to the same pipe or shaft. A banded leaf material is moved forward, another band blade to move back through the items, so that items are absolutely and fully mixed.

C Crescent spiral vane

Moustache has strong mixing and loose effect, applicable for caking of powdery material.

D the blade screw blade

Adjustable angle of blade spiral material could be fully mixed, and can control the flow of material.

Standard pitch-tooth angle single head spiral

Outside the screw conveyor spiral cut serrate edge and bend, flips and falling of items can be moved, making materials be fully mixed, this lightweight materials with heating, cooling, or drying is very useful.