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Introduction of dewatering principle of the dewatering screw press

Jan 10, 2017

The dewatering screw press is widely used in municipal sewage treatment engineering and petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, paper, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial sectors of the water treatment system. The actual operation proved that the stack spiral sludge dewatering for customers to create considerable economic and social benefits.

The Principle of Dehydration of Overlay

1,Concentrated: When the screw to push the shaft rotation, located in the outer periphery of the multi-solidification of the relative movement of the stack, under the action of gravity, the relative movement of water from the gap in the filter out to achieve rapid concentration.

2, Dewatering: the sludge through the thickening of the spiral axis of the rotation with the move forward; along the cakes of the export direction, the helix pitch gradually smaller, the gap between the ring and the ring is gradually becoming smaller and smaller contraction; The role of the outlet at the back of the pressure plate, the internal screw drive shaft in order to promote continuous operation, the sludge containing solids continue to rise, and ultimately sludge continuous dehydration.

3, Self-cleaning: spiral shaft rotation, to promote the rotating ring rotating, the device relies on the fixed ring and moving ring movement between the continuous self-cleaning process, which cleverly avoid the traditional dewatering machine congestion problems prevalent.