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How to install the aerator in microporous aeration technology

Jan 10, 2017

In aquaculture, microporous aerobic techniques are also often used, a new type of aquaculture technology designed to increase the oxygen in the pond to achieve the proportion of oxygen required for aquaculture Which is a new type of aquaculture technology. However, some problems in the process of installation and debugging are not too easy to be found by people. Here's a brief introduction to microporous aerated aeration equipment installation steps and should pay attention to what problems?

First, the preparatory work

1, According to the length of the pond mouth to estimate how many micro-porous tube, according to the width of the pond to calculate the length of the micro-porous tube, in order to split the micro-tube and seal one end in the installation work. Note: a bundle of porous tube 300 meters, in the division, from the inner ring to pull out the outer ring, there will be no problem of micro-tube knot.

2, Based on the number of micro-tube separation joints, joints from a big three links, a small three links, a PVC pipe, two pagoda head. The size of the three links with a PVC pipe to form a "work" font, a large three links to connect the PVC director, the two ends of the small three-connected pagoda head, used to connect the hose.

3, the PVC pipe lined up on the pond on the ridge.

Second, the installation process is as follows

(A) Of the pipeline installation

1, Will be placed on the pond on the PVC pipe connected with the glue on the connection process to be more on the point of glue, the two tubes placed horizontally, forced to tighten and then rotate the next. This can not only make the entire main airtight airtight can also effectively prevent the installation is not in place due to the interface off.

2, According to the design of the PVC pipe at the scheduled location sawing. PVC saw in the cut-off when the tube at the junction of the thin wall should be careful to avoid.

3, In the sawing place to have been prepared and then docking is completed

(B) Aeration pipe installation

1, On the shore will be connected with two bamboo poles, rope length is better than the micro-tube a little short beforehand.

2, At the joints at the end of the first piles at both ends of the pile, with the rope as the benchmark to the middle of the pile to play. Pile, the best use of thicker ends of the stakes, the middle can use fine bamboo poles.

3, In between the two piles tied with a rope, leaving the rope at the pile head for tying the tube. When tying the rope should be close to the head of the place down, away from the competent place to raise.

4,The aeration tube fixed to the rope, pay attention to fixed when not too hard, while the whole tube to be tied into a straight line, micro-tube can not float in the water, otherwise it will affect the results.

(C) Power system installation

1, Choose the right place Place the power system, it is best placed in the middle of the charge, the motor should be flat and fixed, in the top of the rain to take sunscreen device.

2, From the fan in turn connected to the steel pipe, gas tank (not configured without access), steel hose, PVC pipe, tee, and finally the three links with the PVC mains. When connected with a raw tape seal, then it then tie the wire to ensure that the connection does not leak.

Third, how to debug work

Turn on the power (note the motor is reversing), debugging aeration tube is the outlet evenly, to be no problem after you can continue to use.