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Comparison of the characteristics and classification of the diffuser

Jan 10, 2017

Equipment oxygenation efficiency and power efficiency than ordinary porous aeration equipment has been improved, and maintenance is simple, can not affect the normal operation (without water, without stopping the gas supply), the maintenance, improper replacement of damaged exposure Gas, practical and reliable.

Product Specifications: Φ65

Technical parameters: Water depth: 4.5m; Service area: 2m2 / m; Ventilation: 8m / mh; Oxygen utilization rate: 30.36% Power efficiency: 6.24kgO2 / kw.h Oxygen supply: 0.68kgO2 / h; : 3600 Pa; Stomatal density: 14000-15000 / m; Stroke bubble diameter: 0.5 ~ 5mm.

Membrance Tube Diffuser

The device has the advantages of small diameter of aeration bubble, small diameter of gas-liquid interface, large gas-liquid interface area, uniform bubble diffusion, no clogging of the hole and strong corrosion resistance, and is carried out by Shanghai Environmental Engineering Institute of Tongji University and North China Design Institute of China Municipal Engineering And more than 50 users with good results over the years (compared with conventional products fixed spiral aerator, diffuser aeration and perforated tube aerator energy consumption reduced by 40%, or increase the amount of sewage treatment 40 %). Especially for urban sewage and large-scale expansion of new factories and old aeration tank transformation, and the aeration tank can be intermittent operation.

Comparison of Micro - Aperture Aerator with Dynamic Aerator

In addition to the above mentioned bubble diameter, oxygen utilization, is easy to plug and other differences, the two have the following differences:

1) Installation method

Rocker microporous aerator for the movable installation, when the aeration device needs to be replaced or overhaul, the aerator can be used from the water à? Out, in the pool surface construction maintenance, does not affect the pool with other aerator work, do not need to stop the pool of water, maintenance costs low, less work.

Dynamic aerator for the fixed installation, once? After the installation is completed, it can not move, if a aeration tank needs maintenance, it must stop the operation of the pool, and the pool of sewage and sludge and other debris cleared before construction and maintenance costs higher.

2) Durability

Rocker-type microporous aerator failure in the following three main forms: ① steel cloth rust generated after the oxidation of iron oxide and sewage and air debris will cause aeration pipe plug, aeration pipe air flow is uneven , So that the aeration tube jitter, and fatigue damage; ② aeration pipe installed in the pipe joints, jitter in the aeration tube and the dual role of sewage corrosion, the pipe joints easily broken from the roots, sewage corrosion can also cause cloth trachea Wall thinning perforation; ③ underwater rocker arm joints soaked in water for a long time, may be because of rust and other original? And thus can not rotate, so that the aerator can not be properly raised to the surface. The above three forms of failure, Over the past few years the application of new technologies have been? So that the service life of the aerator can reach about 5 years.

Dynamic aerator failure modes are: due to fatigue or corrosion, such as the original? Because the aeration head of the various components (such as round cover, rotating mixing tube, rotating mixing ring, etc.) between the connecting element fracture or loose, resulting in disintegration or loss of aeration head; with tracheal rupture; with the general use of UPVC pipe Non-metallic pipe, pipe and pipe, pipe and pipe fittings with glue, once the bonding is not strong, easy to fall off from the adhesion and leakage. These three forms of failure can generally be a reasonable selection, the correct selection, strict quality control and other methods to avoid. Therefore, the aerator life is longer, up to 8 to 10 years.

3) practical application

Rocker-type porous aerator aerobic because of the high utilization rate, easy maintenance, etc., more applications in the production of heavy, poor quality of the sewage of a biochemical system; fixed aerator due to aerobic use Low rate but can be long-term maintenance, maintenance difficult but long service life characteristics, generally used in the production of low load, better quality of the sewage secondary biochemical system.