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Application and characteristics of spiral conveyor, structural features

Dec 10, 2016

First, the selection of screw conveyor

(A) the scope of application and features

(1) screw conveyors are used in chemical industry, building material, and a delivery device widely used in the food sector, mainly used for conveying powdery, granular and small block materials. It is not suitable for transporting perishable, sticky and easy caking materials.

(2) screw conveyor using the ambient temperature is-20~50℃; conveyor angle β ≤ 20 °; conveyor length is less than 40m, no longer than 70m.

(3) compared to the spiral conveyor and conveying equipment, has a simple structure, small cross-sectional dimensions, good sealing performance, multipoint loading and unloading, safe and convenient operation and low manufacturing cost. Its shortcomings are serious mechanical wear, throughput is low, power and materials consumption during transport can be easily broken.

(B) classification and structure characteristics

(1) solid spiral screw conveyor spiral blade surface and blade with a screw face and spiral face three. Entity helicoid referred to as s-method, the GX-type blade diameter of helical pitch of 0.8 times, LS screw conveyor for delivery of powdered and granular materials. With spiral noodles also known as d-method, the helical pitch with the same screw blade diameter, suitable for conveying powder and small block materials. Blade screw-less, mainly used for transportation of high viscosity and compressibility of material, in the process of transmission and complete mixing, mixing processes, the helical pitch helical blade diameter of approximately 1.2 times.

(2) screw conveyor spiral blades have left and right-handed two to.

(3) screw conveyor-type has a fixed horizontal screw conveyors, vertical screw conveyor. -Fixed horizontal screw conveyors are the most commonly used type. Vertical screw conveyor for material over short distances, transport height is not more than 8M, helical blade surface for an entity, it must have a horizontal screw feeding, in order to ensure the necessary feed pressure.

(4) LS, GX screw conveyor outlet side 1/2~1 reverse spiral should be set to prevent powder plug end.

(5) screw conveyor spiral body, feeding and driving device consists of three parts.

Spiral tail of the body from the head bearings, bearings, suspension bearings, spiral, composed of housing, cover and base.

Drive by electric motor, reducer, coupling and base composition.