MBBR Bio Filter Media

MBBR Bio Filter Media
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Product Introduction of MBBR Bio Filter Media


MBBR Bio Filter Media, used in Integrated Fixed-lm Activated Sludge (IFAS) and moving bed biofilm reaction (MBBR) system. 
The wastewater goes through suspending media of MBBR reactor, forming biological membrane on the surface of media gradually. With the action of microbial on the biological membrane, wastewater is purified. MBBR media can move freely in the reactor with the mixing of the water. For the aerobic reactor, the aeration will make the media move; for the anaerobic reactor, mechanic mixing will make the media move. Our MBBR media is new-developed media, has better treatment effect compared with traditional media.


Main Features of MBBR Bio Filter Media


Geometricconfiguration based on hydrodynamics to strengthen the surface adhesive ability. it is polymer material, having high shock resistance.

Large specific surface aera, many adhesive biologia.It not only provides the room for heterotrophic bacteria growing but also create the condition for autotrophic bacteria growing. Meanwhile, it is beneficial for the biologia to denitrification and dephosphorization.

No need of bracket, easy to fluidify, save energy consumption.The suitable specific weight makes the filler in suspended fluidization state, reducing the eneray aconsumption and increasing the shock and cutting 

of bubbles. In the same condition, the aeration amount can be lowered by above 10%.

Technical Parameters of  MBBR Bio Filter Media



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